Advantages of Self Storage For Businesses

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Self storage is obviously useful for homeowners, but it is also important to realize that self storage in Riverside can have distinct advantages for local business owners, as opposed to using expensive commercial real estate. Some of these include:

  • Storage of paperwork and archives
  • Office equipment storage
  • Stock and inventory storage
  • Emergency situation storage such as in case of storm, flooding, smoke damage and fire
  • Business inventory overflow storage
  • Seasonal inventory storage such as Christmas stock throughout the joyful season
  • Storage of equipment that won't fit in your commercial real estate location

Self storage offers companies increased versatility. Whether it is a big business or a small one, all companies require some type of storage. There are lots of factors for this which vary from slowly developing a warehouse for your business, to looking after trade products, to producing a distribution point.

A few of the core reasons why businesses should consider using self storage in Riverside:

Efficient Use of Office Space

When you compare buying a filing cabinet system that will be rarely used (maybe once a month) vs the cost of leasing a self storage unit, you can see that it might make more sense to rent space. This has the added benefit of de-cluttering your office. Today, most businesses have actually acknowledged the advantages of using storage units to keep their archives of documents safe, and avoid the hassle of making space for them at the office.

De-clutter Your Office Instead of Buying a Bigger Office

Are you looking to transfer simply because you believe that the existing workplace area is not sufficient to fulfill your space needs? If you make usage of self storage centers to store away these seldomly used assets, there will be no requirement for a pricey move to a new office space.

Cost Advantages of Self Storage

  • Leasing is paid on a month to month basis which prevents an annual lease
  • When compared with the expense of commercial real estate, self storage rental rates are very affordable
  • To make the very best use of the storage unit, shelving can likewise be provided
  • Discount rates are available for businesses
  • It is much better to utilize your workplace to produce earnings instead of cluttering it with storage

Self Storage is Secure

  • Keeping important files off site protects them in case something bad happens at your office such as fire or water damage
  • Locked, gated, and controlled access
  • 24 hour surveillance

Self Storage is Convenient to Access

  • Trolleys and pallet jacks make it simple to move your products
  • Accept pallet shipments at your storage location
  • You can access your assets 7 days a week
  • Packaging products are offered on-site


  • Offers a versatile storage alternative for services which must maintain inventory
  • Versatile sizes and options can scale with your business
  • Most storage facilities only require a seven-day notice to upsize or downsize
  • No long-term leases
  • Short-term commitment

Prior to you selecting a self storage center in Riverside, CA, consider these things:

  • What is the security level of the storage facility?
  • Do I get 24-7 access?
  • What sizes are offered?
  • How far is the unit from my business?
  • Can carriers drop off or get deliveries?
  • Are there any discount rates available for businesses?
  • Is there a manager on-site during normal business hours?
  • Are there any insurance options available?