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Self Storage Unit Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your definition for self-storage unit?

Riverside Self Storage Zone is a self-service storage company that supplies a selection of storage units, dimensions, and types readily available to the public for individual, company, and also leisure storage usage. If you’re looking to clear up some much required area in the house or in your business, Riverside Self Storage Zone facilities will be a great solution for you. We provide clean, safe, and affordable units for every situation.

Who can access my storage unit?

The storage unit you rent is protected with your lock and also your PIN code – only you can choose who has access to your unit, and this is your responsibility to maintain secure access to your lock and code. It’s our policy to never ever offer anyone that isn’t on your rental arrangement access to your unit.  However, you are totally free to disclose this information if you so desire.  Additionally, you can fill out a consent form in order to give any person access to your self storage unit.  Be sure to keep this list up to date so that no un-authorized or previously authorized persons can access your goods.

What is drive-in storage?

Drive-in Storage space units: Drive-in storage space is ideal for those trying to find fast, very easy access to their things. Drive straight up to your unit with plenty of room. Back your car or truck up to load or unload items quickly.  Roll-up doors are easy to operate and secure when used with a sturdy lock. Howere, they aren’t temperature or humidity controlled, but will offer great protection from the elements.

How are indoor storage units different?

Indoor storage unit spaces are housed inside one or multiple story buildings, and are accessible much like you would enter an apartment in a building or a motel room. Indoor storage can or can not be climate controlled, be sure to check with us if that is what you are looking for.

What are climate controlled storage units?

These units are best suited for storing delicate and sensitive goods, such as antiques, pianos, musical instruments, or sensitive electronics equipment.  They generally maintain a temperature between 65F adn 85F. If you think you might need this type of unit, our Riverside Self Storage Zone experts will be able to answer all the questions and concerns you have.

What type of lock do I need?

The three different types of locks that you can get are keyless locks (usually have a turn dial combo), padlocks, or disc locks. Disc locks are the best option and well worth the extra dollars because they are the only ones that can’t be removed with bolt cutters.

Are my things insured at your storage facilities?

Think of renting a storage unit like renting a home or apartment. Riverside Self Storage Zone does not insure your goods for you, althought we can connect you with some cheap options for insurance coverage. Usually you can get a plan for about $10 a month.

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